Chalk & Cheese

Maroon Dam

If there was ever a picture that summed up my sister & I, this would be it. It’s become a bit of a joke over the years but we always say we are chalk & cheese. We are polar opposites in everything including our tastes and our personalities. Those that know us well know exactly what we mean.

Unlike me, my sister had held her learners for a long time & just never got around to upgrading to her opens. She got her learners back in the day where you only did a quick theory quiz and there was no practical portion involved. Oh how times have changed! I had to attend a 2 day course with both practical & theory elements and pass a 30 question quiz. I do however think the change is good for those with no riding experience.

I held my learners for only the required 3 months before I went for my licence and it was suggested that my sister & I get our licence together. At the time neither of us were sure it was a good idea. It had the potential to go two ways – we would be too busy laughing at one another to pass or we would get in & get the job done. Luckily for us, we both got in & got the job done & both passed with a few laughs along the way. Even our riding instructor commented on us being chalk & cheese as he had come to know us through the 1on1 sessions we both had.

Just a couple of gals in fluoro vests

We’ve held our licence for approximately 4 months now & a couple of weekends ago was the first time we had found the time to ride together. We both have kids so need I say more.

We took in the scenery at Maroon Dam. It had been years since I had visited the actual Dam. It brought back many memories of fishing with dad when we were younger. We then went back to Mt Alford to the Scenic Rim Brewery for coffee and morning tea. We even rode into Boonah to mum & dad’s to visit our cousin who was up from Melbourne.

It was so nice to be able to enjoy a ride together. I really am spoilt for choice for riding buddies. I’m not sure whether hubby was too impressed though as he was left home with the girls 😜

The beautiful deck area at Scenic Rim Brewery – Mt Alford

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