A Welcome Distraction

Last weekend we participated in our second ride with Vespa Club Brisbane in and around Samford Village. The ride started at Aspley which is about 1.5 hours away from where we live.

If hubby had his way we would have ridden down there, participated in the ride and then ridden home. The truth of the matter is I don’t feel confident enough to do that yet. I need time to gain confidence and get my head around exactly how we are to ride down there avoiding the major roads. The main one that concerns me is Ipswich Road. I have no intention of riding my scooter on that road – call me a wimp. I don’t care!

Hubby has been riding for years so this is one of the reasons he is comfortable to ride there. Me…I’ve been riding for barely 4 months. Confidence comes with experience & experience comes with time. With a lot to learn about riding, it might be some time yet before I feel the confidence I need to ride there.

So in the meantime, on the trailer they go.

Samford is such a lovely area which is leafy and the roads were hilly & twistie so great to practice cornering on. (Note to self – more practice required). It was easy to feel like we were a thousand miles away from suburbia however we were only 20 mins up the road from Aspley.

The day proved to be …… hot. Something that I hadn’t quite prepared myself for. It wasn’t all that bad until we stopped. I ride with all the safety gear – Leather jacket, Kevlar jeans, boots & gloves. Being a beginner I figure I need all the protection I can get, right? It makes for hot riding in our Queensland climate and it’s not even summer yet. It has definitely made me think about the importance of hydration while riding. At one point we stopped to take some photos and I was too scared to take my jacket off as I wasn’t sure if I would get it back on. Sweat….Ha!

Love me a line of Vespas
Giorga with Kandi, an absolutely beautiful classic that turns many heads when out & about

One of my accessories paid for itself when we took a wrong turn and that was my Quad Lock case & mirror mount. Highly recommend this setup that allows you to attach your phone to the front of your bike. It enabled me to use my phone as a GPS and follow the directions on the screen until we were able to join the group again. It sure did help out a couple of country bumpkins. I’ve also found it very handy to have the phone within easy reach for taking photos.

All in all we had a great day with lovely company and beautiful scenery.

3 thoughts on “A Welcome Distraction”

  1. Oh, envy! What a fabulous day! That’s what I’d like to do one day too Mylee, load the bike(s) in the trailer and join the ride! I’m with you regarding gaining confidence before tackling busy city roads. You’ll know when you’re ready. Good on you for your ATTGAT (all the gear, all the time) approach! Yes, it is getting hotter, so early morning rides will be the go for me for a few months at least. Good thing we don’t have to put our bikes away for the whole snowy winter though, as they do in some parts of America. That would hurt! Happy. Vespa travels! Kat.

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