My Cinderella story

I think I was just so excited to be going for a ride. I think that’s how my Cinderella story happened anyway.

It had rained last night so onion picking & carrot harvesting had unfortunately been called off. When hubby actually came home & told me to go for a ride, to say I was excited was an understatement. I just had to keep an eye on the weather.

Our new plates had arrived this week so I wanted to get a quick picture of both of them before I left. Mission accomplished.

New plates fitted

I rode into Boonah via Kalbar and Teviotville. It had been too long between rides and it was so nice to be back on the road. Kalbar was busy with a swap meet being held at the showgrounds and there was the annual orchid show happening in Boonah. Anyway, I got to mum & dad’s and started to take off the safety gear & spent the next 5 minutes looking for one of my gloves. Then I get this message from hubby….

“One lonely glove”

This glove was apparently at home right where I had dropped it when I took it off to take the picture. Laugh! I had ridden all the way to Boonah with only one glove and I hadn’t even noticed. Must have been the Vespa high I was on. I’m so much of an amateur in so many ways but in hindsight, despite my excitement, I should have checked and double checked my safety gear before I left!

My prince met me in Boonah for lunch with my “slipper” and it fit me like a glove. Boom tish!

So that’s my Cinderella story….same, same but different.

4 thoughts on “My Cinderella story”

    1. I’m glad I left Boonah when I did. It was the first time for me riding in the wind before the storm. I found myself laughing like some crazy lady so I’m not sure what that says about me exactly. I got caught in a few spots of rain but the storm ended up going around us anyway.


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