The carrots have had enough & so have I!

The weather is a big part of our life here on the farm. Hubby is constantly monitoring it via apps, the television and the radio so he can plan what needs to be done and when. There are phone calls from farmer to farmer comparing notes as predicting the weather does not seem to be an exact science. There has also been many a rsvp to a social outing ending with ‘it depends on the weather’. The joys of being married to a farmer!

With harvest season upon us, Mother Nature has been less than favourable over the last couple of weeks. We did need the rain but we also now need for the sun to come out & dry out the farm. We have carrots & onions that are ready to come out of the ground and I can tell hubby is getting a bit stressed. The signs are all there. The constant checking of the weather (even more than normal) and becoming increasingly irritable as each day passes where the weather is not looking any better. I think every veggie farmer’s wife in the district can relate.

Just as the farm has had enough of the weather so have I. The weather has been less than favourable for riding as well. First world problems, right? I find myself getting increasingly frustrated not only for the fact that the weather has such a big impact on our livelihood but also now on our riding. Over the past couple of weeks I have had sitters lined up only to have it rain. On the days that I have had off work it has rained and quickly put an end to my idea of a leisurely ride. Call me a wimp but riding in the rain does not appeal to me as a beginner.

The weather is not making for a very happy household at the moment. Here’s hoping the weather fines up sometime soon. I know that when the weather does fine up, hubby will be playing catch up on the farm & there will be no time for riding together for a while. Apparently, the weather can never make a farmer happy or a Vespa rider!

The silver lining is that our countryside will be beautiful and green and it will make for some picturesque riding even if I will be enjoying it alone.

The mountains are there somewhere

2 thoughts on “The carrots have had enough & so have I!”

  1. Hope it clears soon, Mylee. I’m also not riding my scoot much at present. Very grateful to all farmers as I can’t even grow a tomato! At least our tanks are almost full now, but we’ve had enough rain for a bit. Nice pics BTW – your back yard certainly is the Scenic Rim!


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