Vespas vs Cruisers

My brother-in-law has just celebrated the same BIG birthday that I have this year with getting a cruiser.

This sure has been the year of the bike in our family. Two vespas for us, two cruisers for my sister & brother-in-law and my brother and girlfriend also brought two dirt bikes. I think my mum is on the verge of a nervous breakdown 😬

Of course with the addition of a new cruiser to the family we had to organise a ride. The Vespas were to take on the cruisers. We ventured out Wyaralong way to check out the dam and The Overflow Estate.

We’ve driven past the Wyaralong access road many times however have never taken the time to go and check it out. As far as dams go in the area, this is the most recent with it only opening in 2011. The picnic area is actually further from the turnoff than I thought but the road is nice to ride. The area itself is lovely with many tables and BBQ’s and a playground for the kids. We might just have to take the kids back for a picnic.

As for The Overflow Estate, it’s positioned to overlook the dam so it’s a top spot made for sipping wine and relaxing. I’m not sure I was too popular with my sister & brother-in-law though as it’s located up a lengthy loose gravel driveway. My sister had never ridden on gravel before and my brother-in-law’s bike was less than 2 weeks old😱 My sister & I didn’t actually get to sample any wine as we have to maintain a zero level of alcohol for 12months from getting our bike licences. Not sure I’d want to be sipping wine and getting on the scooter anyway.

View from our table at The Overflow Estate

The road to get to Wyaralong is a little more major than I enjoy riding – 100kms with everybody on the road in a hurry to get from a to b. Give me a back road any day. So did the Vespas keep up with the cruisers? Having the smaller motor I brought up the rear of the group but I managed to be not too far behind (okay, maybe a little bit). In all honesty if the cruisers really wanted to they could have left me for dead but they would have had to be doing well over the speed limit to do so!

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